Bullioncoin Gold Backed Crypto Currency Partnership With Legacy Gold


Chances are that you already know why buying gold is a smart idea. But do you know what happens when two Worlds collide, when new money, crypto currency, meets old money, gold? The shockwaves are felt all around the World! Understanding BullionCoin Crypto currency is a virtual currency which uses encryption techniques to ensure security…

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BullionCoin Prelaunch Video

Bullioncoin Gold Backed Cryptocurrency

What happens when the future currencies of global trading and internet shopping , crypto currencies, finally meet the oldest form of money in the World, gold? The currency, BullionCoin, backed by a tangible asset, will create shockwaves that will be felt throughout the economic world! Nothing like this has ever happened before. A unique, brand…

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Legacy Gold Launches May 2016

legacy gold founders

Legacy Gold is unique in the home business industry and brings together an incredibly powerful team of participators with a wealth of experience and a genuine understanding of what it takes to help people to achieve at the highest level. The relationship between Shaun Charity and Mark Prosser goes way back to the late 1980’s…

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Tax Breaks For The Self Employed

tax breaks for the self employed

Most people are blissfully unaware of the tax breaks for the self employed. In the UK the majority of people work for someone else and have tax deducted at source under the PAYE regulations and, as a consequence, they are severely disadvantaged. The majority of people do not realise that it is perfectly permissible to…

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What’s Your Legacy?

legacy savings

That’s a really important question. What are you going to live on when you retire? What legacy will you leave for your family? If you don’t think this is important, then there’s going to be a price to pay and rest assured that no one else is going to do it for you! Stop and Think…

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Gold Price Fixing

gold price fixing

Gold price fixing was formalised back in 1919 with the establishment of the London Gold Fix. Since then and right through until 2004, NM Rothschild & Sons, together with four other major London gold traders came together twice a day to set the price for gold. In 2004, NM Rothschild & Sons announced that they…

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Which Country Has The Most Gold In 2016?

which country has the most gold

To establish which country has the most gold, probably the most accurate reference is the Thomson Reuters GFMS annual gold survey 2016. You can download a copy of the report below, it makes interesting reading: Throughout history gold has underpinned the value of the money in our pocket, however that all changed in 1971 when…

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What Is The Total Amount Of Gold In The World?

total amount of gold in the world

Trying to work out the total amount of gold in the World is not a straightforward exercise. There are differing opinions and some Nations are very secretive with regard to the amount of gold they are holding in their Reserves. What we do know is that gold has been much valued for many centuries and…

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The Case For Gold

the case for gold

The case for gold is incredibly complex, but becoming increasingly clear. We watch every day as the price of gold fluctuates, currently (April 2016) around $1230 an ounce, which is a price at which many mines would actually struggle to produce gold, and that just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. The average cost of producing…

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