Baby Boomer Body Builder – Week 2 Progress Report

Baby Boomer Body Builder Week 2

These first two weeks haven’t gone smoothly by any stretch of imagination but I’ve got a much better weights bench now to work on and a much clearer picture of the exercise routine I need to be working to, and what I should eat, in order to achieve my goals. In one of my recent…

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Baby Boomer Body Builder – Day 1 Setting The Benchmark

Baby Boomer Body Builder

The task is huge. Can I build 20+ pounds of lean muscle over the next 12 months? From what I am reading that’s possible. When you decide to take charge of your own body shape the first 12 months is the time that you can make a huge difference, with a well planned and disciplined…

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What Is A Mindset, In Layman’s Terms?

what is a mindset

That’s a million dollar question, and answering the question “What Is A Mindset?”, is fundamental to change for the better, for all of us. If you don’t know how a mindset for success is nurtured, then you are likely, for ever, to be locked into a lifetime of mediocrity, frustration, financial heartache and failure. It…

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Jim Rohn Quotes The Art Of Exceptional Living

Jim Rohn Quotes

I remember it well. It was Christmas 1994 when I heard my first Jim Rohn quotes… Much to the consternation of my parents, and everyone around me it seems, I had decided to start as a distributor for a network marketing company. It made sense at the time, the cost of entry was low, there were…

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Richard Branson’s Top 5 Entrepreneurial Tips

Entrepreneurial Tips

Here’s the top 5 entrepreneurial tips from Richard Branson. Richard Branson was born in Surrey in 1950. It’s interesting, when you understand how the reticular activating system works, that whilst his father, Ted Branson, was a barrister (against his wishes as he had really wanted to be an archaeologist)… …his mother worked as an air…

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Steve Jobs 10 Rules Of Success

steve jobs10 rules of success

Whilst I was putting this video together, all the emotions that I felt when Steve Jobs died back in 2011, came flooding back. He was a visionary human being and he really did make a difference. It’s impossible not to have immense respect for what he achieved and to feel sad that we lost such…

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Leadership Skills Essential For A Better Life

leadership skills

If you have been searching for ways to improve your leadership skills, then you are part of a small minority today, who is seeking to improve themselves, and that’s to your credit In every walk of live, self improvement should be an integral part of our daily discipline. One of my favourite mentors, Jim Rohn, commented one…

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The Definition Of Entrepreneurship

definition of entrepreneurship

Peter Jones most of us will know from Dragon’s Den and, for many, he is the very definition of entrepreneurship. There is never a straight line trajectory for achieving success in business. In fact most businesses and most entrepreneurs are “Off Course” a large percentage of the time. However, as Peter Jones mentions in his…

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Being Successful Andrew Carnegie’s 10 Rules

being successful 10 rules

The 10 rules for being successful that Andrew Carnegie lived by, were the foundation upon which Napoleon Hill’s famous book, “Think and Grow Rich” was based. Andrew Carnegie was born on my birthday, November 25th, way back in 1835 in Dunfermline, Scotland and emigrated with his very poor family to America in 1848, in his early teens. He…

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Entrepreneurial Ideas Dreams And Reality

entrepreneurial ideas

Entrepreneurial ideas abound, and big dreams are not in short supply, but here’s the reality… …whatever the endeavour, and however amazing their entrepreneurial ideas, the majority of “wannabe” entrepreneurs never even get off the launch pad. Getting started in any new enterprise takes courage, determination and commitment and without that, the hurdles and challenges you will meet…

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