Youtube Videos Safety First

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Creating and sharing Youtube videos is great fun and can really help to promote your business too, but you do need to take care to protect your personal data.

You need to always remember that when you post Youtube Videos, you are putting them in the public domain.

They can be viewed by anyone, anywhere, and the viewer doesn't just get access to the video you have posted on to Youtube.

A viewer gets access to the video description too, along with any other videos and personal details you have uploaded.

It's very easy to overlook the obvious and to give too much information away which could, if it fell into the wrong hands, expose you to personal identity theft.

Internet safety should be taken seriously at all times, so take care and heed my advice.

Here's a few tips that you should consider.

Youtube Videos Safety Tips

Protecting yourself from identity theft is your #1 priority so it makes sense to be discreet and not to mention your full name in your Youtube videos or their descriptions.

There is no reason to share your personal address unless you are promoting an offline business and need to let your customers know where you are based. Your customers do not need to know where you live, that's personal and should be kept confidential.

Whilst Youtube is a great place to upload and share your videos, never forget that it is also a social network in it's own right and that people from all over the World will have access to your videos and be able to communicate with you through comments and personal messages.

Again, caution must be maintained at all times.  These people might appear innocuous, but they could have ulterior motives so you must always maintain vigilance and make sure that you protect your personal information, whenever you communicate with a stranger.

Think twice about how you look in your Youtube videos. We all like to look our best and you might have some great footage that you would like to share because either you or your friends look stunning.

Think about how the viewer might react and don't post anything that might be considered provocative, that might produce a response that is not entirely welcome...

...and never post videos of your friends without first consulting them. To do so would be invading their privacy and there might well be unwanted repercussions.

My best advice is to only ever post your own unique Youtube videos. It's easy enough to get hold of movie or TV clips, and its tempting to upload them to your Youtube channel...

...that is not a good idea and can get you into all sorts of copyright issues, so don't do it.

Ultimately, it's all about good common sense. Protect yourself at all times, don't invade other people's privacy and only ever upload unique Youtube videos with your own content.

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