Youtube Video Marketing

youtube marketing blueprintThere's no doubt that Youtube is incredibly popular with people from all over the World and from every background.

If you ever log on to the Internet, or into any of the major social media sites, then chances are you have watched videos hosted on Youtube.

You might even be an active member of the Youtube community, in which case you'll get what I am talking about, right off the cuff.

If you are not and have never posted a video on Youtube, then you'll probably be wondering what all the commotion is about.

The Youtube Video Marketing Opportunity is Massive!

What ever your experiences regarding Youtube, one thing is for sure, it's one of the most popular sites ever on the World Wide Web, and literally millions of people go there every single day, either for fun or for business.

You might have noticed how much Facebook has changed in recent years and how Facebook advertising has grown into a huge revenue stream generating billions of dollars worth of business for Facebook, and for marketers, all over the World...

...and now Youtube is owned by Google, and has so many visitors, if you are involved at all in any form of marketing, then Youtube is a platform that you need to learn about and marketing with videos on Youtube is a skill  you need to master, and soon!

Youtube caters for every interest group. It doesn't matter what your interest is or what you wish to learn about, there's bound to be a video on that subject hosted somewhere on Youtube, and more and more people are beginning to realise that, particularly because videos now seem to rank so high in everyone's Google search box...

...and that's inevitable I guess with the two platforms now so inextricably interlinked!

Youtube is incredibly easy to use, both as a viewer who is looking for entertainment or for some specific know how, and for video makers who wishes to share their videos with anyone who wants to take the time out to watch them..

Anyone can create a Youtube account, that's all for free so anyone can upload their videos anytime they want.

Youtube Video Marketing Resources

For marketers, there are ways and means of getting your videos ranked highly, not just on Youtube search, but in Google search too. So that's a massive bonus if you are looking to build your business brand or market your products or services...

...and that's all pretty straight forward too. You don't need any fancy camera equipment and, so long as you follow some simple guidelines, getting your videos ranked highly in organic search is all pretty straightforward and much, much quicker than trying to get standard web text content indexed.

Creating videos is so simple, you are missing out if you are not taking advantage as a marketer. Most modern cell phones are quite adequate for creating video content and Powerpoint and Keynote for slide presentations, along with Quicktime, for screen recordings, mean that most people have all the tools they need at their finger tips.

For animations I use Easy Sketch, it's brilliantly simple and the cartoon videos that you can create are proven to engage the viewer far more effectively than most other types of video.

iMovie is great for Mac users and Camtasia if you are using a PC to edit your videos. Either way it's all very affordable, a load of fun and you are missing out if you are not taking maximum advantage.

Millions of people are doing business on Youtube every single day. There's got to be a good reason for that!

youtube marketing blueprint