Youtube Video Marketing On Pinterest

youtube video marketing The majority of marketers are overlooking Pinterest.

Which is strange because it's proven to provide a great boost if you are looking to get viewers to your videos hosted on Youtube.

The well respected blog at Mashable has confirmed that businesses using Pinterest to promote their videos, are seeing noticeable improvements in the level of traffic and views they were receiving.

Most people see Pinterest as a forum for posting images and use it pretty much as a sort of online scrapbook. But Pinterest offers so much more than that if you take the time to explore what you can do there.

Ultimately it's a social network made up of millions of people all over the World who all come together to share their content.

By default therefore there will be many hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of people who might be interested in your videos. You just need to connect with them and engage.

Tips For Youtube Video Marketing On Pinterest

1. The first thing you must do with all videos that you want to promote, whether you are marketing youtube videos on Pinterest or anywhere else is get the basics right.

Before you upload your video file, make sure that your video file name includes your primary keyword and aligns with the title you will use for your video on Youtube.

2. Your video title must be attention grabbing and include your primary keyword too. Spend some time on your video description to make it read well so people want to find out more.

Include your primary keyword and if you want to use your video to promote your website or affiliate link, include that right at the start of your description, so it's the first thing people read.

3. Pinterest is primarily about images so make sure you have an attention grabbing thumbnail for your video. That's the first thing people are going to see, so it has to entice the viewer to want to come and find out more.

Use Canva to create images. It's free, really easy to use and you can upload your own content or use theirs. There is no limit to the images you can create using this awesome resource.

4. A really good idea is to create a "Video" board on Pinterest so people know what to expect when they drop by. Videos are very popular so it makes sense to help your board stand out from the crowd of boards that have only images to offer.

5. Content is "King" so build your personal or business brand through the quality and value of the content that you offer. If you have any doubt at all, it's better to hold back than promote content that might be damaging in the long run.

6. Create engagement by being sociable. Share other people's relevant content and videos that are aligned with your area of interest and invite people to share content on your board.

Leverage their content to bring more visitors to your boards.

Youtube video marketing on Pinterest is a lot of fun and can dramatically increase the traffic to your videos. There's a friendly and dynamic community at Pinterest so go check it out...

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