Web Video Marketing Strategies

youtube video marketing

Web video marketing will help keep your brand in the minds eye of your target audience.

We live in a fast paced World and in marketing, just as in any other area of business, to win, you need to stay ahead of the competition.

With the advent of Social Media, consumers are exposed, every time they login, to a multitude of different forms of advertising.

Every marketer is vying for their attention so the key is to create a massively powerful first impression that'll grab their attention and focus them on your offer.

Images are great, they do work, and great text does have its place, but Web Video is the medium that is dominating all forms of web marketing these days because it's the one form of promotion that can deliver your promotional message quickly and, at the same time, allow you to engage with your customer to create trust and credibility.

What Makes Web Video Marketing So Powerful?

You need to put yourself in the position of your customer. Who can you trust?

Yes, an image might be useful and you can certainly deliver a marketing message with text. The written word is a powerful medium, but only if you can hold their attention long enough to get your message across.

With web video however you can deliver your message in an engaging way, people love web videos and typically spend hours each week glued to their Facebook timeline...

...web videos allow you not only to engage with your target audience in a manner to which they have become accustomed, but your video content allows you to establish your credibility and to stand apart from the crowd. It's a more intimate form of communication, it's more personal and people like that.

Being successful in business is always about building a strong relationship with your customer. They need to feel that they can trust you and that you do truly offer good value.

By adding your openness, honesty and personality to the product you are promoting in your web video or infomercial, you are placing yourself right at the top of the food chain in the context of internet marketing.

People might be sceptical or unsure about the product, but if they buy into your integrity, then that will be the USP that clinches the deal.

Don't cheapskate on your video. It has to capture the viewers imagination right from the get go.

So that's straight away about thinking carefully about your video thumbnail. Getting that right will create the click through...

...and then its up to you to sell yourself at least as much, if not more, than the product or offer itself.

Remember to sell the benefit of the benefit, "What's in it for them?", that's absolutely critical. How can you or your product help them or be of value to them. That's what the viewer wants to know.

Don't over complicate things, keep it simple, don't use fancy words or video trickery, just tell it like it is...

...and what ever you do, keep it short, keep it interesting and keep them engaged!

Close with a strong "Call to Action" and you are done.

Have fun. Web video is an incredibly powerful marketing tool and making the videos is great fun too. So enjoy yourself, it'll shine through in your web video content and people will love that.

Mix and match, integrate your videos into a text blog post, add images and grab their attention with your content.

youtube video marketing