Web Video Hosting Options

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There areĀ a multitude of sites you can use to host your web videos and choosing the right one for you depends on why you have created the video.

As marketers, the #1 objective is driving traffic to your videos and for the purposes of traffic generation there are three sites that immediately spring to mind.

This is really important because having spent the time to create the video in the first place, there's not a lot of point in having it languish somewhere with no one watching!

Everyone has heard of Youtube and there's no doubt that Youtube is the most popular web video hosting platform there is.

Whether it's music, entertainment, humour or business, Youtube is the preferred choice for the majority of people who create videos and there's no doubt that it's the best place there is for generating traffic and video views.

Gaining the maximum exposure for your web video is all about understanding the keywords that your target market will be searching.

Those keywords need to be included in the file name of your video itself, in the title you give to your video when you upload, and in the description and the tags that you can add to your video whilst you are uploading.

It's a pretty simple process to make your web video stand out from the crowd and you need to get this all right to get the maximum number of views.

Then its a matter of grabbing and holding the attention of the viewer.

Grabbing their attention is all about creating a great attention grabbing description and thumbnail...

...holding their attention right through to your call to action, is all about your content.

MySpace is often overlooked, but is a great place to post your videos and to get video views, so that's another site to check out.

MySpace is a very popular social networking site so it's perfect for getting web video views within your MySpace community.

Ensure that you offer great value and content and you will get excellent traffic to your videos on MySpace as people will share and that will rapidly multiply the size of your audience.

Conversely however, if your content falls short, you will be wasting your time.

Google Video is another very effective web video hosting site, very similar to Youtube, that allows you to post your videos and allows people to search for them through the main page at Google Video and in the main Google search engine.

Just like Youtube, getting the maximum number of views is all about getting the keywords right.

Having taken the time to create your web video, it makes sense to learn all the steps necessary to maximise the number of views.

There's Wistia, Vimeo, Flickr and so many more web video hosting sites to experiment with...


youtube video marketing