Viral Videos That Create A Traffic Explosion

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It's every marketers dream to create viral videos with millions of views so it makes sense to fully understand the elements that might give your video the chance to go viral.

If the truth were known you'd soon see that the majority of videos which have gone viral, did so by accident not design.

Something happened by chance when the video creator was recording and it touched a nerve amongst its viewers.

When that happens and people start sharing it's staggering how the exponential effect kicks in and the number of views can explode in no time when the video truly goes viral...

...the challenge comes in understanding what triggered that response and then mirroring the effect in a video designed and created to go viral.

That is not easy.

There are some key elements you can adopt and apply, but there is never a guarantee. If it was that simple then everyone would have videos that go viral!

Marketers have to think outside the box.

How ever much we would love to, we can’t just leave it to chance.

We need to embrace that element of chance and then strategically craft our videos by understanding how videos go viral and incorporating all of the critical elements into our videos, to ever have a chance of our videos going viral.

Key Elements Of Viral Videos

Just think of the videos you have seen that have gone viral. Every one of them will have touched an emotion somewhere and will have these elements embedded:

  • Surprise
  • Interest
  • Intensity
  • Positivity
  • Action

In order to go viral, a video needs to include humour, surprise, information or an element of intrigue that captures the imagination of the viewer.

To go viral a video needs to play on the emotions of the viewer to elicit the response that will make the viewer want to share their experience.

Videos that the viewer can relate to will get this response.

When the viewer sees themselves in the content, that's when the magic happens. Videos can have all the elements, humour, surprise and action...

...but it's the emotional connection that makes all the difference.

Viral videos are created when viewers see themselves in the characters being portrayed, they can relate to the content and that stimulates the natural response to want to share that experience.

That's when they reach for the share button and that's when viral videos are created!

youtube video marketing