Video Streaming Options

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If you have spent any time online, chances are that you have experienced these three video streaming options.

Each of them has it's place and generally, when deciding on the the best technology for your product,  it's about the user experience.

You need to put yourself in the shoes of your customer or client and make sure that the video streaming process that you adopt, most effectively provides a customer experience that will keep bringing your customer back.

Consumers are typically unforgiving, so if you get it wrong, and they get frustrated because of delays or quality of replay, that will have a negative knock on effect on their willingness to do business with you in the future.

Each of these three video streaming options have their own unique features so if you are offering video streaming facilities, pick the option that is going to be the most appealing to your customer avatar.

Video Streaming Progressive Download

With a progressive download, the viewer can start to watch the video whilst it is being downloaded to a temporary internet file. It's not true video streaming but it's effective enough.

Video Download

By definition, downloading a video is not video streaming at all.

However in certain circumstances this can be an effective option giving the consumer the ability to download the video to their own laptop, PC or mobile device so they can watch it at their own convenience without being connected to the Internet.

The major downside is the time it takes to download the video. People are typically impatient these days, so if you can give them the option, then that might be a great solution.

Video Streaming

With video streaming there is no delay. Once the play button is clicked, the video will stream in real time.

It's typically the more expensive option, but does provide the overall best customer experience. I am using Wistia for all the streamed videos on this site and find that to offer an excellent service.

As with all marketing, you do need to invest in your business, so build the cost of your chosen video streaming options into your business plan when measuring ROI.

youtube video marketing