Marketing Youtube Videos

youtube marketing blueprint

If you are one of the millions of people who upload videos to Youtube every day, here's a question for you...

...are you totally happy with the number of views your video is getting?

Personally, whilst I can see that Youtube might be a great place to store your videos for posterity, I guess most of us actually post videos to Youtube because we would like to share them with other people...

...and it's immensely gratifying when someone posts a nice comment too, we all like that!

There's always someone with an axe to grind who'll post something negative, but that's par for the course and it's easy enough to eradicate anything that doesn't make you smile...

That being said, a video that sits there with nobody watching it is a sad video...

...just like us, videos need attention, they need to be watched and they love positive comments.

So traffic is a big thing. Whether it's posted for fun or it's posted for profit, videos need eyeballs, so you need to let people know where it is and invite them to take a look.

Marketing Youtube Videos

For marketing, read sharing, or just letting people know where to look... doesn't matter whether you are sharing your experiences amongst friends, or promoting an opportunity, a product or a service, you still need to "promote" or market your Youtube video to your chosen audience.

If you are marketing Youtube videos for your business, then you might want to explore more options, but the very least you will want to do is let people know how to access your video.

The simplest way is to share your video on Facebook, Twitter or any other of the social networking sites that are used daily by millions and that is very easy to do...

...that's just a matter of copying and pasting the url of your video on Youtube, into a post on one or more of those sites.

Even easier though is just dropping an email to people you know. Tell them about the video and the contents and include the link in the body of your email.

Don't be shy. It only takes a few minutes and most people have hundreds, if not thousands, of emails stored somewhere and it only takes a few moments to compose an email and press send.

Don't just think friends and relatives, think of people you work with, people you go to the gym with or share a hobby with. If you don't have an email address send them a text message with the link. Don't let your video feel lonely!

Marketing Youtube Videos For Profit

If you are looking to take things to the next level and build a business with videos, whether that be an offline business or an online business, there's so much more you can do to get the message out there.

Youtube very kindly offer an embed code that you can post into your blog or website, and WordPress very conveniently shows the video anyway if you just add the url of your video into your blog post. So that's another great way to share your video with more people.

If you really want to take it further, who do you know who has a blog and needs relevant content?

Get in touch and share the link with them and ask them to include a link on their site too. If you know a few people like that who have similar interests, then you can all help each other and that makes great sense and you will all benefit from an arrangement like that.

You might consider message boards and forums. The more involved you are in communities relevant to your chosen area of interest, the higher your profile and the more valuable your personal brand will become.

The great thing is, promoting your videos like this costs nothing, just a little bit of time. But if you are in business, that can be a great investment.

There are so many ways to market Youtube videos so watch out for my posts and take the necessary action.

youtube marketing blueprint